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Contacting Butlins

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Butlins contact telephone numbers

We Love to Chat – Making sure you phone the correct number  

We are receiving a lot of telephone calls for Butlins, so to make sure you are calling the correct number for your enquiry please check below:

If you are calling about a Caravan Holiday you can call us between 9am and 7pm on

07767721988 or 01205 480184

Please only call us if your enquiry is relating to a Caravan Holiday at either Skegness or Minehead. 

If your enquiry is regarding a Butlins Chalet, Apartment, Room, Hotel or Sun Holiday please don’t call us as we are unable to help you with this, the numbers to call for this are:

Customer service: 0330 100 6649

Reservations: 0330 100 6648

Bill pay: 0330 100 6657

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  1. Gareth Thomas

    We have booked a 4 day break to Minehead from 12th October. Someone told us that we need to use an app to get into the complex, but I haven't got apps on my mobile. Is there another way I can do this. Our booking ref. is 9647002. Regards, Gareth Thomas Hello Gareth, We are the privately owned caravans at Butlins, at present caravan guests do not have any access to the main resort, so you would need to ask Butlins themselves about this, you can contact them using on of the numbers on our website - https://www.familycaravanholidays.co.uk/butlins_blog/read_195742/contacting-butlins.html

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  2. Heather Shanks

    If I book a caravan at minehead is there access to Butlins complex - Hi Heather, at the moment there would be no access to the Butlins main resort, this will be the case until the end of October at the earliest. Christine

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  3. ian swindell

    My booking number ; sk9408838. Can you please send me confirmation that my holiday is all paid up. I paid for it all about 6-7weeks ago and still had no email or paper work to state this. Hi Ian, This is a Butlins booking reference not a Caravan Holiday reference, we are the static caravans and can't help you with bookings made directly with Butlins, please try one of the phone numbers listed on our website for Butlins - https://www.familycaravanholidays.co.uk/butlins_blog/read_195742/contacting-butlins.html

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